Fighters Class (Invitation Only)

These classes will focus on fighters prepping for upcoming tournaments. This is one of the only classes that will be invite only. Those who wish to prepare for bouts, we will be going over combinations, methods, movements and even bag work to help get ready for victory. These classes will vary in intensity depending on who shows up and what needs to be worked on. Bring all gear always and expect sparring.

Kali: Introduction to weapons (Beginners)

Beginners Kali:
introduction to weapons – With Alex Kleschelsky

Kali (also known as Arnis or Escrima) is a form of Filipino martial arts. Through various drills with sticks and knives students will get better understanding of self-defence against blunt or edge weapon

Fighters bootcamp

These classes are open to everyone and all levels are welcome. Drops in’s for this particular class are only 10$ per head, Modern Warrior members get this class free.

This is a bootcamp dedicated to truly testing the limits of what your body can and can’t do. Our goal every week is up the challenge and strengthen ourselves in mind and spirit. This is a cardio intensive strength camp, be prepared to sweat and remember, clean the buckets if you get sick! [not for the faint of heart]

Standing Self Protection (beginners)

This Self Defence program is created off the bases of Thai and Dutch kickboxing, Kyokushin karate as well as North American Boxing. We focus on strikes and movement, turning our hands and feet into weapons we can use to defend against attack. Our primary purpose in this class is to ensure all strikes are done properly, utilizing weight distribution for power and explosiveness for speed. Distance management and punch accuracy is what we try to instill to our students. We will primarily focus on effectiveness rather than fancy movements. Classes are typically an hour long; gear will be required for these classes as students progress. Sparring as well as self-defence techniques will also be included in these classes as students will be tested at the end of each semester promoting them from beginner to intermediate.

Standing Self Protection (intermediate)

To join this class, students must successfully pass the test at the end of the Standing Self Protection class.

In this class we get deeper into the variations of strikes, such as elbows, clinches, knee strikes, sweeps and distance management as well multiple opponent scenarios. The point of this class to teach various styles that will lead to superiority in striking while standing. Sessions on personal security, awareness and verbal tactics will all be explored in this class.

Ground and Grappling Self Protection (beginners)

This class is based off of Brazilian jujitsu, Judo and Olympic wrestling. Although 99% of all conflicts start standing, a good 90% of them will end up on the ground. Learning how to manoeuvre, strike, grapple, control, or even break limbs while on the ground is an incredibly important skill to have in any self defence class. We will teach you how to get back up on your feet or how to control the aggressor while on the ground. We focus on what works while highlighting things that don’t. This class is also an hour and a half long but no gear is required. We ask that all students come with a towel, long pants as well as a long sleeved shirt for training.  

Olympic Wrestling

A group of well trained wrestlers, judo and  jiujitsu practitioners as well as Canadian Olympic Wrestler Rio 2016, Danielle LaPage, coming in to teach and trade information with students. 4 different associations and 3 different styles, all coming together under one roof, setting aside egos and differences to further our progression in the combative arts and expand on Self Protection. And that’s the way it should be. If you are interested, please email, a few years of experience required. We are here to empower others and promote real martial arts spirit. Price of admission is an open mind or by donation.  

Seiyu Kids Class

At Modern Warrior, we do not believe we are simply teaching kids; we are guiding children into the adults they will become. This is a fun filled, hour-long class that teaches kids all the etiquette and manners that comes with learning martial arts. Students will progress through belts, however achieving that black belt rank will require a great deal of training, patience and commitment. This program will teach your kids the lessons of integrity, discipline, respect and bring about a confidence that will make them stand strong in the face adversity. It is said that children who learn martial arts are more driven, focused and able to work together in groups better than those who are not. Bring your kids in to this fun and challenging class and watch them grow! The Styles we teach in this class are Seiyu Karate and Brazilian Jujitsu.